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The Winds of Innovation

The Winds of Innovation, May 25, 2015 

By: Rafael C. Turner

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that goes: “When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.” Modern day translation: Innovate or Die.

Innovation calls for a paradigm shift from the bureaucracy and complacency that limits an organization’s ability to realize its full potential to one that taps into the power that lies within the creative spirit of its human capital.

Change will occur – in your industry, technology and consumers’ demands.  Change can be scary but it may be necessary for your organization to go to the next level or climb out of a slump. Change is inevitable. Things will change, constantly.

Yet, people don’t really fear change, they fear the changes they don’t like or find overwhelming and uncomfortable.  You don’t have an enterprise crystal ball but you know tomorrow will be different so you’re better off leading change in the industry today. Tomorrow belongs to those who innovate today.

Prepare for what’s next in your industry and build capacity to harness the winds of change that you know will inevitably blow in the company’s direction. Your processes and procedures will improve when you seek new and innovative solutions to solve the problems you face today and address the challenges of the future. By embracing change your organization will continue to evolve, and so will you. Yesterday’s problems are today’s opportunities.

Your organization can only operate through one lens: (1) erect barriers to growth by simply reacting to change or (2) proactively innovate for periodic gusts towards long-term profitability, sustainability, and success. The decision to be proactive alone repositions change as innovation, making those within your organization more comfortable. Empower your organization to be creative and innovate. Let’s build windmills together!

Rafael Turner is a Partner at Growth Strats, LLC. 


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